For four decades now, chef Tonino Maresca has been delighting diners with his innate culinary talent and dishes prepared with wholesome ingredients, simplicity of technique and a healthy dose of passion for the products of his homeland.

His masterpieces have been appreciated at "La Pigna" in Capri, in Sorrento at the "Grand Hotel Riviera" and at the "Grand Hotel Vesuvio", as well as in prestigious beachside restaurants, such as "La Kambusa" in Marina Piccola and "La Lanterna" in Marina Grande. He has, over time, refined and perfected his craft and ultimately decided to set up his own company, "Tonino Ra Pezzella", a top quality catering company that has become his pride and joy and which organizes weddings and exclusive events in Sorrento and around the Sorrento Peninsula.   

When you sit at the table of an extraordinary event like a wedding, everything has to be perfect. The menu must know how to make the palates vibrate and the mise en place must know how to amaze the eye. The term mise en place, also called mise en table  refers to the complete preparation of the table: from fabrics to cutlery, from table mats to dishes from glasses to centerpieces; every detail of the mise en place will be combined with the style of the wedding and will exalt the taste and aesthetic sense of the bride and groom. Nuances and details will speak to guests of you. You will never be alone, Sorrento Wedding Catering will guide you in choosing the perfect mise en place, the mise en place you have always dreamed of.