I have known Anna and Tonino since I was a child because I was family friends. When we learned that they were putting their catering on, we had no doubts and we chose them for our big day! With great meticulousness, patience and enthusiasm they welcomed every desire and followed us in this great and rewarding experience which is to organize a wedding. We were their first big event and even today, when we happen to meet, Anna always recites "My bride!" It is always a great emotion ❤
Our confidence in their skills and professionalism has been totally satisfied ... It is without delay or hesitation that we have chosen them again for the Baptism of our little girl!
After almost 6 years I renew our THANK YOU, you are a special couple!

Whenever I think and see the video of our wedding, I say a big thank you .. In you there is everything: professionalism, divine food, your infinite kindness. I remember when you Sara took me to see a fairytale location ... And "Favola" was ... 100 parties? 100 times you !!!
Thank youuuu Sorrento Wedding Catering!! You are a big big team!

- Irene and Pasquale -

Sorrento Wedding Catering impeccable for taste, genuine flavors, exaltation of local products, organization and ability to adapt to any unexpected events with the same style and customer satisfaction. A team that makes you feel welcomed, that gives you pleasure in the conviviality of lunch with enthusiasm, innovation and familiarity. Strongly recommended !!!

- Maria Teresa and Giovanni -

I have known Anna and Tonino since I was a child and we couldn't help but choose them for our big day. Sara has fulfilled our every desire by following us step by step. An unforgettable day in a dream location. The menu edited by Tonino in every detail, the gem were then the itinerant corners of the aperitif. Sorrento Wedding Catering: a name a guarantee.

- Lia and Rosario -

We turned to Sorrento Wedding Catering for our most beautiful day.
From the first to the last detail, everything has been taken care of with a meticulous care: The food of excellent quality and prepared with excellent professionalism; the smudge-free service is present for every need; the preparation of the location that took into account each of our wishes. Needless to say, for any event we have no doubts in confirming full confidence.

- Annalisa and Piero -

Professionalism, kindness, quality and much more. We had no doubts in relying on the wonderful catering of Sorrento Wedding Catering for our most beautiful day. We were followed and helped in everything from planning to the event. Nothing was missing, we are immensely grateful to you. With love

- Giovanni and Raffaella -

"The whole staff of Sorrento Wedding Catering gave us a fairy tale of a wedding! Sara guided us step by step with enthusiasm and professionalism, seeing to every detail and indulging our every whim! The maître and the waiting staff were courteous and the menu provided by chef Tonino was, to put it mildly, exceptional, with gorgeous, exquisite dishes that were appreciated by all our guests. The location was fantastic, really chic and fabulously decorated according to our instructions and the theme that we had chosen. We really couldn’t have chosen better for our special day. It’s just a shame we can’t do it all again!  Thank you so much!!!”

- Danielle and Gaetano -

It  may be an unbelievable paradox, but I can guarantee that COVID 19 has helped us to understand the real meaning of wedding and to see it from another point of view, with different eyes and the result was that all we received was much more than what we could imagine.
We counted on experts who didn't exploit the situation. Instead, with their art, love and skills they were an important and an integral part of our wedding.

We got married the 15th of august 2020: it was a real party, full of happiness. "Sorrento Wedding Catering" was a perfect choice: the team was accomodating, available, kind, sunny, professional and super organized. From the first appointment they caught our aim and the style we wanted to give to that day: we dreamed of a shabby chic wedding with traditional but at the same time refined dishes.
Tonino, the owner and the chef, together with his cooking team, was fabulous: his dishes told a lot about him: his art, mastery and passion... his desire to take part to that moment of joy. .
Anna, his wife and Sara his daughter, were our guardian angels: thanks to their creative - organizational spirit we didn't worry about a thing. They were careful to the details and had a perfect overall view. They guided the team in a exemplary manner; nothing was forgotten: everything was extraordinary.  So, if you would like to make your event THE event, be confident in them because besides their uncontested professionalism and skill, they put their heart in what they make and it's this passion that together with their will to do things well and not to disappoint the expectations that makes them the one and the only one.
Highly and warmly recommended.

Really thank you

-Carmelina and Raffaele-

For our wedding we chose the catering before choosing the location. This because Tonino and his family are a guarantee, very kind people and great experts. Excellent food quality and attention to detail. Sara helped us from the beginning to the end, satisfying all our requests and needs.
Couldn't ask for more. GRATEFUL.

- Valeria and Luca -

We had a great time and we highly recommend this catering managed by a family who puts the heart in its job.
First of all, they think to satisfy clients needs. Professional, kind and well-behaved. Thank you Chef Tonino and all the kitchen team because the food was supreme and it delighted the palate of all our guests: quality, good taste, aesthetics and right quantity for each meal.
We are much more than satisfyied.
Thank you Sorrento Wedding Catering, you are the best.

- Connie and Salvatore -