Wedding Reception Venues in Sorrento

Choose the perfect venue for your wedding on the Sorrento Coast

Sorrento is in the south of Italy, not far from Naples. The beauty of this history-steeped town, along with its breath-taking sea views, make it a marvellous choice for those who opt to tie the knot on the Sorrento Coast.  

The town of Sorrento offers exclusive venues for your wedding, including luxury mansions and historical residences with lush gardens and splendid panoramic terraces with views out over the Bay of Naples. Imagine strolling through the tree-lined pathways of a historical mansion, receiving your guests against the backdrop of a view you will find nowhere else in the world, and having an exclusive residence all to yourselves for your big day. And everything is perfection itself, every detail taken care of, all utterly unforgettable.   

Sorrento Wedding Catering, with its impeccable wedding planning service, will help you choose the right location to suit both your preferences and your pocket. We have various solutions for you to choose from: modern or historical locations, with breath-taking sea-views or deep in the bosom of the luxuriant Sorrento hills. Our locations are perfect for the simplest of ceremonies or the most glamorous of parties. Your whole day, and your dream location, will be just as you pictured it in your mind.

The most historical, prestigious and charming venues that Sorrento has to offer. Rich in archaeological remains, statues, lush green botanical gardens, parks with trees that have been there for centuries, fountains with ornamental basins, these splendid mansions gaze out over the Bay of Naples with truly heart-stopping views in a setting of peace, wellbeing and exclusivity. Ideal for symbolic ceremonies and itinerant events too, these are residences of great charm, elegance, sobriety and excellence where the wedding of your dreams will be turned into reality. 

Breath-taking views of sea, mountain and sky. While modern on the inside, our locations boast timeless, panoramic views, providing the most enchanting of backdrops to your Sorrento wedding.    

Contemporary architecture and design are what characterize these stunning, enormous mansions, set in luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, and ideal for events at any level of formality. 

A magical garden rich in exotic plants and trees that have been there for centuries. Lush, green surroundings that are perfect for a cosier, more romantic wedding.