The wedding you’ve always dreamed of; try to picture the most perfect day you can possibly imagine... Sorrento Wedding Catering will make it happen!

A wedding day is the one of the happiest days in the life of any couple; the crowning glory of any true-love story; the magical moment the happy couple have set their hearts on for so long. And everything, absolutely everything, has to be just perfect. Our aim is to make your wedding in Sorrento and on the Sorrento Coast a fairy tale, to make it unforgettable, one that will forever remain in the hearts of those present. 

We employ only the crème de la crème; our top-notch team of professionals will take care of every last detail with a blend of finesse, contemporary flair and an eye for the very best in quality. From the location to the catering, from the flower arrangements to the wedding car, from the soundtrack to the photography and videography, not to mention accommodation, transport, make-up and your overall wedding look. You can leave it all to us and our decades of experience. We will organize the tiniest minutiae of your wedding in Sorrento and on the Sorrento Coast and come up with something really special!


Organizing a wedding is a piece of cake if you have the right ingredients, by which we mean: Professionalism, Experience, Competence, a Well-qualified Team working synergistically and a wedding planner orchestrating everything with passion and precision.

We organize your perfect wedding in Sorrento, on the Sorrento Coast and in these magical places, we work carefully and attentively, listening with the utmost consideration to what it is the happy couple actually want.
In this way, we are able to fulfil their every wish and go further still, leaving them open-mouthed in delight and wonder! Working with other people’s dreams is our bread and butter and we do everything in our power to make them come true. 

Every wedding has its very own culinary scenography: professional actors, under the guidance of a skilled director, tread the boards to bring you a smorgasbord of sensual delights.
For us, catering is the ability to use our know-how and precision to blend quality ingredients, sophisticated recipes, variety, abundance, top-drawer service and, above all, a passion for the very best that Italian cuisine has to offer – not to mention the expertise and uniqueness of our chef Tonino "Ra Pezzella", whose name has long been synonymous with top quality banqueting for weddings in Sorrento and other events in the Sorrento Peninsula.

Sorrento Wedding Catering, with its impeccable wedding planning service, will help you choose the right location to suit both your preferences and your pocket. We have various solutions for you to choose from: modern or historical locations, with breath-taking sea-views or deep in the bosom of the luxuriant Sorrento hills.

Our locations are perfect for the simplest of ceremonies or the most glamorous of parties. Your whole day, and your dream location, will be just as you pictured it in your mind.


"The whole staff of Sorrento Wedding Catering gave us a fairy tale of a wedding! Sara guided us step by step with enthusiasm and professionalism, seeing to every detail and indulging our every whim! The maître and the waiting staff were courteous and the menu provided by chef Tonino was, to put it mildly, exceptional, with gorgeous, exquisite dishes that were appreciated by all our guests. The location for our wedding in Sorrento was fantastic, really chic and fabulously decorated according to our instructions and the theme that we had chosen. We really couldn’t have chosen better for our special day. It’s just a shame we can’t do it all again!  Thank you so much!!!”

- Danielle and Gaetano -



We will put together for you the most perfect day you have ever experienced!