Carmelina & Raffaele: traditional flavours

Carmelina & Raffaele dreamed of getting married in Sorrento, in a fantastic location, chic but country at the same time, that had a great garden full of flowers, plants and ancient trees. They got married this summer, the 15th of August 2020, during the pandemic but COVID 19 didn't stop them: their wedding was a successful party that went beyond the expectations. The main  aim was to organize a dynamic wedding, not the classic one. The aperitif was itinerant; this means that it was made up of corners (in this case 15) most of them with a show cooking (the dairymen prepared fresh mozzarella, the chef fried zeppoline with traditional herbs, another one fried and prepared the typical "cuppetiello" with shrimp and achovy, the pizza maker made the pizza with different flavours and so on); each corner had its space where you could chill out and find your seat for eating in total comfort. The newlyweds arrived in a vintage car and welcomed their guests with immense joy and happiness. 
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 It  may be an unbelievable paradox, but I can guarantee that COVID 19 has helped us to understand the real meaning of wedding and to see it from another point of view, with different eyes and the result was that all we received was much more than what we could imagine.
We counted on experts who didn't exploit the situation. Instead, with their art, love and skills they were an important and an integral part of our wedding.

We got married the 15th of august 2020: it was a real party, full of happiness. "Sorrento Wedding Catering" was a perfect choice: the team was accomodating, available, kind, sunny, professional and super organized. From the first appointment they caught our aim and the style we wanted to give to that day: we dreamed of a shabby chic wedding with traditional but at the same time refined dishes.
Tonino, the owner and the chef, together with his cooking team, was fabulous: his dishes told a lot about him: his art, mastery and passion... his desire to take part to that moment of joy. .
Anna, his wife and Sara his daughter, were our guardian angels: thanks to their creative - organizational spirit we didn't worry about a thing. They were careful to the details and had a perfect overall view. They guided the team in a exemplary manner; nothing was forgotten: everything was extraordinary.  So, if you would like to make your event THE event, be confident in them because besides their uncontested professionalism and skill, they put their heart in what they make and it's this passion that together with their will to do things well and not to disappoint the expectations that makes them the one and the only one.  

Highly and warmly recommended.

Really thank you

-Carmelina e Raffaele-


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